If you’re about to book your first trip to Hawaii, you are probably debating on either renting a condo during your stay, or reserving a room at a plush resort. There are many reasons that can influence your accommodation choices, but travelers who have visited Hawaii consistently comment on the flexibility and seclusion that condos offer guests. Throughout this article, we’ll discuss the many benefits of reserving a condo in Kapalua when compared to staying at a resort.

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Condo Rentals

One of the main benefits of staying in a luxurious condo in Hawaii is the level of privacy and comfort it offers guests. Resorts can often be overcrowded and noisy due to playful kids and countless parents. By staying at a condo, you can be sure that you’re experiencing the laidback lifestyle and environment that Hawaii is commonly known for. While condos may not have the complete list of amenities that resorts provide, they certainly provide the essentials such as a full kitchen, multiple bedrooms, a large dining area, and even a washer and dryer on occasion. You’ll love the flexibility and privacy that condos possess, and you can even save on your lodging accommodations with multiple guests. Since condos are generally larger than resort rooms, you can easily split the cost of living between multiple friends or family members so that you can have more to spend while exploring the island.

Resort Bookings

When compared to a condo, resorts are limited in what they can offer their guests. It is important to keep in mind that since most resorts don’t offer a full kitchen like condos, you’ll most likely spend more money eating at restaurants than you would preparing your own meals at a condo. Resorts essentially provide the basics to guests including a bed and a swimming area, while condos allow guests to sprawl out with living rooms, dining areas, and private patios. While resorts usually have a daily maid service, many travelers who rent condos don’t feel burdened by cleaning up after themselves. You’ll love the ample space and peaceful ambiance that condos have to offer, making your Hawaiian getaway both invigorating and refreshing.

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Hawaii regional cuisine is a relatively new term that was coined by 12 Hawaiian chefs in 1994. After becoming tired of cooking food that didn’t truly represent the Hawaiian culture and lifestyle, these chefs teamed up to create a style of cuisine that shaped Hawaiian food into what it is today. Moving away from food that is popular to the mainland, Hawaii regional cuisine uses fresh ingredients that are sourced from plants, cattle, and fish which are native to Hawaii. To truly take in Hawaii regional cuisine, we’ve compiled just a few of the popular Hawaiian dishes that can be found around the island today, so that you may experience the unique flavor profiles that Hawaii has to offer.

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Kalua is a traditional Hawaiian technique for cooking pig, turkey, and a variety of other regional food. The Kalua cooking method involves slowly cooking Hawaiian cuisine in an underground oven, so that the food’s flavors can fully develop over an extended period of time. Many travelers visiting Hawaii have probably experienced the delicious cuisine that is produced by kalua style cooking, as this cooking technique is very popular at luaus and other festive events. Kalua cookouts are a can’t-miss experience while visiting Hawaii if you have yet to taste the slow-cooked flavors achieved from underground cooking.


Originating as a Portuguese dessert, malasadas are made from a yeast dough with eggs, and are rolled in granulated sugar. Similar to a doughnut, malasadas are deep fried in oil, giving them a flaky crust that can easily be pulled apart. While traditional malasadas utilize a limited number of key ingredients, some bakeries pay tribute to the native flavors of Hawaii by filling malasadas with a gooey custard or coconut pudding. Malasadas can be found in just about any bakery, as well as at restaurants where they are served up as a gourmet dessert dish.


One of the most popular dishes served in Hawaii, Poke is a fish salad made with ahi tuna or yellowfin tuna. This dish is traditionally served raw while seasoned with Japanese-style flavors like sesame oil, green onions, soy sauce, and more. Variations of poke are made using salmon, or he’e, the Hawaiian word for octopus. You can find poke just about anywhere in Hawaii, as this popular cuisine continues to remain as one of the most sought-after dishes on the island.

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When planning your next vacation, it pays to be prepared for anything. Arriving at your intended destination only to realize that you forgot essential items can turn a relaxing vacation into a stressful situation in a matter of moments. That’s why Aloha Vacation Villas has compiled four essential items you should bring with you on your trip to Hawaii.

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Being protected from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays starts with having a sunblock that can sufficiently provide you with coverage that lasts throughout the day. While there are many variations of sunscreen available, SPF 30 or SPF 45 sunblock should thoroughly protect you from potential sunburns. According to the EPA, SPF 30 effectively blocks 97 percent of the sun’s UVB rays, while SPF 45 blocks 99 percent of UVB rays. For total coverage, consider a sunscreen that markets itself as “broad-spectrum,” as these specialized formulas are designed to protect your skin from UVA rays as well.

Multiple Swimsuits

If you’re traveling to Hawaii, there is a good chance that you plan on soaking up the sun on the beach, swimming in the ocean, or relaxing poolside. Given the amount of time it takes for a swimsuit to dry, we recommend packing multiple swimsuits in your luggage. Packing extra swimming gear will allow you to have a dry swimsuit while your wet swimsuit dries, and will ensure that you never have to put on a wet swimsuit again.  

Formal Clothing

Kapalua is home to regional gourmet cuisine available from a variety of upscale restaurants. For this reason, we suggest that you pack a formal outfit that you can wear during a night of fine dining. To ensure that you’re packing an appropriate wardrobe for formal dining, plan in advance by researching the restaurant’s atmosphere and mood via their website. More times than not, a restaurant’s website will have pictures of guests with their meals which will give you a better idea as to which attire is most appropriate.


If you suffer from light sensitivity and experience the headaches that can come with it, sunglasses should be at the top of your list of essentials to pack. Since you will likely spend most of your time around water while visiting Hawaii, you should consider investing in a pair of polarized sunglasses. Polarized sunglasses are incredibly efficient at neutralizing the glare that bounces off of reflective surfaces like water, decreasing the chances that you will experience the headaches or eye strain that comes with the sun’s brightness.

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If you’ve recently booked your trip to beautiful Kapalua, you’re probably starting to look for exciting things to do around the island. With so many hidden gems that Kapalua has to offer, it can be difficult to find the activities that fit your lifestyle most. At Aloha Vacation Villas, we want your vacation to be both enjoyable and worry free, which is why we’ve made a list of popular activities around Kapalua that you won’t want to miss while you’re visiting. If you’re considering traveling to Hawaii, and are looking to reserve a luxury Kapalua Bay rental, look no further than Aloha Vacation Villas. We offer gorgeous villa rentals at an affordable price, and work with customers to help them find the perfect property rental to fit their needs.

Kapalua Ziplines

Visit the longest and tallest suspension bridge in Hawaii while embarking on a stunning zipline tour. Kapalua Ziplines offers five, six, and seven line tours, as well as a moonlight tour during the summer. A unique way to experience Hawaii, Kapalua’s zipline tours provide visitors with an unforgettable view of Kapalua Bay while experiencing the unique sensation of flight. It is advisable that you make ziplining reservations in advance as spaces do fill up rather quickly.

D.T. Fleming Beach Park

Voted “America’s Best Beach” in 2003, D.T. Fleming Beach Park is a great location to check out while visiting Kapalua. D.T. Fleming Beach Park welcomes surfers and boogie boarders alike thanks to its larger swells. If you forget your bag of snacks in your room, visitors can buy both food and drink at D.T. Fleming Beach Park, as it is located near The Ritz-Carlton. With long, expansive swaths of beach and ample amounts of shade, D.T. Fleming Beach Park is one of the less trafficked beaches around Kapalua.

Maui Kayak Adventures

Receive a unique perspective of Kapalua by taking a kayak tour with Maui Kayak Adventures. Located at D.T. Fleming Beach, Maui Kayak Adventures’ kayak tours are a great way to experience snorkeling, as well as whale spotting around the coastline. Kayakers frequently witness sea turtles, manta rays, indigenous fish, and much more during their tour, and all tours include free photography so that you can reminisce on every moment captured.

Dragon’s Teeth Trail

If you’re looking for an easy hike in Kapalua that provides gorgeous views, consider hiking along Dragon’s Teeth Trail. Don’t let the name fool you, Dragon’s Teeth Trail is a relatively easy hike named after the unique rock formation along the coastline. Dragon’s Teeth Trail spans less than a mile in distance, and provides hikers with an incredible view of Honokahua Bay as well as Oneloa Bay. While you’re there, be sure to take a trip through the Dragon’s Teeth stone labyrinth, an elaborate stone formation that provides a fun challenge for hikers of all ages.

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Kapalua, Hawaii is home to numerous outdoor activities like lounging on the beach, hiking scenic oceanside areas overgrown by lush greenery, or taking a refreshing kayak tour from DT Flemings Beach. If, however, hiking or outdoor adventure isn’t for you, Kapalua is also home to pristine golf courses and luxurious tennis gardens. Golfers from all around the country have visited Hawaii to experience the amazing golf courses located along the coastlines of Kapalua. In fact, Kapalua is known for having one of the best golf courses in all of Hawaii! Throughout this article, we’ll talk about a few of the golf courses and tennis clubs that make Kapalua truly special for sports enthusiasts.

If you’re searching for golfing or tennis destinations around Hawaii, you’re probably looking for a course or court that offers truly unique characteristics. Fortunately, Kapalua’s tennis courts and golf courses feature immaculate landscaping and consistently excellent upkeep. Why rough it for 18 holes in less than ideal weather when you could visit Hawaii for a truly unforgettable golfing or tennis experience? There are plenty of tennis facilities and golf courses to choose from around Kapalua and Honua Kai, which is why Aloha Vacation Villas has compiled the top tennis and golfing locations near Kapalua. Below, we’ll list the highest reviewed golfing and tennis areas around Kapalua and the many services they offer to guests. If you plan on traveling to Kapalua or Honua Kai, browse high-end vacation rentals at Aloha Vacation Villas. Our wide variety of properties are equipped to meet the needs of families ranging from large to small, while our dedication to our customers ensures that they experience the vacation of a lifetime.

Kapalua Golf’s Bay Course

An 18-hole course welcoming golfers of all skill levels, Kapalua Golf’s Bay Course is an excellent choice for spending a day out on the green. The Bay Course has been graced by some of the top PGA contenders to ever play like Davis Love III and Fred Couples, and continues to be a popular choice for golfers seeking gorgeous views at the turn of every hole. Players at the Bay Course will experience stunning oceanside golfing that will be sure to leave a lasting impression which makes it a favorite for many. If you’d like to experience one of the top golf courses in Hawaii, Kapalua Golf offers online booking for scheduling tee times in advance.

Kapalua Golf’s Plantation Course

Touted as the best golf course in all of Hawaii, Kapalua Golf’s Plantation Course provides experienced golfers breathtaking coastal views at every hole. The 18-hole course has been traversed by some of the greatest golfers of all time such as Vijay Singh, Tiger Woods, Davis Love III, Keegan Bradley, and many other golfing legends. With a stamp of approval by many of golf’s greatest players, as well as 10 consecutive years of receiving the number one spot for Golfweek’s Best Golf Courses in Hawaii Award, it’s no wonder that golfers from all around the country visit Kapalua for the opportunity to play on Hawaii’s best golf course. If you are planning to visit Kapalua and would like to golf the Plantation Course, you may easily schedule your tee time online in advance.

Kapalua Tennis Garden

Immerse yourself in an otherworldly tennis experience at the Kapalua Tennis Garden. The Kapalua Tennis Garden sports 10 plexipave courts, allowing players of all abilities to enjoy its natural surroundings, lush greenery, and native tropical plants that are sure to impress. Offering instructional clinics, technical guidance from professionals, and lighting to accommodate night time matches, the Kapalua Tennis Garden is designed to be a memorable experience for players of all skill levels. If you’re looking to improve your serve or backhand, the Kapalua Tennis Garden also offers summer tennis camps for Hawaii residents as well as resort guests. To schedule your court time, simply call in advance to request a court reservation.

Royal Lahaina Tennis Ranch

Located just five miles south of Kapalua, Maui’s Royal Lahaina Tennis Ranch features 10 pristine courts available to tennis players ranging from beginner to professional. The Royal Lahaina Tennis Ranch has received several awards for its stunning facilities including USPTA’s Facility of the Year award, as well as ranking in Tennis Resorts Online’s top 100 tennis destinations in the world. Equipped with ample lighting, the Royal Lahaina Tennis Ranch allows for night play on five of their ten courts. Known for its massive tennis stadium, the Royal Lahaina Tennis Ranch hosts large scale events for tennis enthusiasts to spectate such as the 2017 Fed Cup; the world’s biggest yearly team competition for women. For all reservation and scheduling information, visit The Royal Lahaina Tennis Ranch’s pro shop.

Though these are only four popular tennis and golfing locations around Kapalua, there are many other high quality golfing and tennis resorts throughout Hawaii. We are devoted to making your trip to Hawaii a unique experience catered to your interests, which begins with helping you find the perfect golfing or tennis facility to fit your needs. If you are planning a trip to Kapalua or Honua Kai, and are looking for quality vacation rentals at an affordable price, Contact our experienced staff at Aloha Vacation Villas. We offer numerous vacation rentals to choose from to ensure that you can easily find a rental property within your desired budget and location. Get in touch with our friendly and helpful staff today to learn more about our vacation rentals!

If you plan on traveling to Kapalua or Honua Kai, Hawaii this summer, you’re probably preparing for a trip full of exciting activities, beautiful beaches, and luscious hiking trails. Or, maybe you’re coming to Kapalua to play a few rounds of golf along the coastline. Whatever your reasons may be for visiting Hawaii, there is something for everyone to enjoy while visiting. While Kapalua and Honua Kai are home to luxurious golf courses and plenty of sandy beaches, they also offer a wide variety of exciting culinary dining experiences.

When going on vacation, cuisine choices are often not decided on until arriving at your destination. What many travelers don’t realize is that an enjoyable dining experience can either make or break your vacation. You’ve probably had a less than desirable meal at a restaurant before, leaving you with a bad taste in your mouth, both literally and figuratively. A negative experience at a restaurant can affect the rest of your day, leaving you less than satisfied with the meal that was prepared for you. That’s why Aloha Vacation Villas has gathered four restaurants that you won’t want to miss out on while visiting Kapalua or Honua Kai. Below, we’ll talk more about some of our favorite foodie spots around the island and what they have to offer guests. If you plan on visiting Kapalua or Honua Kai in the near future, consider an affordable vacation rental from Aloha Vacation Villas. Our extensive listing of properties can comfortably accommodate families of all sizes while providing the utmost in customer service and hospitality.

Sansei Seafood Restaurant and Sushi Bar

If you’re looking for a gourmet seafood dining experience in Kapalua, be sure to visit Sansei Seafood Restaurant and Sushi Bar. Located just outside of central Kapalua, Sansei’s menu is composed of the finest seafood and sushi offerings such as seared salmon, fresh ahi tuna, exquisite calamari, and much more to choose from. Sansei has been called “one of America’s best sushi bars,” and many of their dishes have won culinary awards, such as their infamous panko-crusted fresh ahi sashimi. With a full lineup of award-winning dishes, paired with their complete bar which serves wine, cocktails, beer, and sake, you’ll be sure to find something that will bring pleasure to your palate.


Are you searching for the perfect restaurant for a romantic evening on the point of Kapalua Bay? If so, look no further than Merriman’s. A luxurious location to dine at after a day filled with tennis or golfing, Merriman’s serves some of the finest regional cuisine available in Kapalua. More than 90 percent of Merriman’s menu is locally sourced, guaranteeing that the freshest food is served up on your plate. Choose from various dishes native to Hawaii such as kalua pig, ahi ginger poke, or sauteed kauai shrimp, just to name a few. Merriman’s also has a full dessert menu for visitors looking to satiate their sweet tooth. From coconut creme brulee and flourless chocolate cake, to bread pudding or malasadas, you can be sure that you’ll find something for your mouth to fall in love with at Merriman’s. Before you head to Merriman’s, be sure that you call in advance to make a reservation as seating is limited at this popular restaurant.

The Plantation House

Located on a beautiful lookout point above Kapalua’s Plantation Golf Course, The Plantation House offers a unique open-air experience while dining. Staffed by one of the top chefs in Hawaii, The Plantation House offers an unforgettable menu of gourmet breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert items. Guests have a variety of cuisine options to choose from including the most tender twice cooked pork belly, caramelized hokkaido scallops, or the incredibly flavorful 45-day aged pork ribeye. The Plantation House is also host to weddings or private events, for those special occasions that you never want to forget. If you’re looking to make your trip to Kapalua an unforgettable one, The Plantation House will leave you with a full stomach and a happy heart.

Cane & Canoe

Looking for the perfect restaurant for a romantic getaway with ocean views included? Visit Kapalua’s upscale Cane & Canoe. Culinary guests who visit Cane & Canoe receive a beautiful view of Kapalua Bay while experiencing some of the best modern Hawaiian cuisine that Kapalua has to offer. Popular dishes at Cane & Canoe include the succulent kobe ribeye, delectable suckling pig, sesame seared mahi mahi, and much more. Cane and Canoe has received several culinary awards including a four-star rating from Forbes Travel Guide and the Best Hawaii Regional Cuisine award from Maui No Ka Oi Magazine. If you’re considering visiting Cane & Canoe during your stay in Kapalua, be sure to make reservations, as seating is quickly reserved by guests in advance.

While these are only four of Kapalua’s fine dining restaurants, there are countless restaurants located around the island that serve high-quality gourmet cuisine. We want to make your stay in Kapalua or Honua Kai enjoyable and worry free, and that starts with ensuring that you never experience a bad dining experience during your vacation. If you’re considering travelling to Kapalua or Honua Kai, and are looking for the best vacation rentals available, get in touch with Aloha Vacation Villas. We have countless rental properties to choose from that offer all the amenities you will need to make your vacation both fun and relaxing. Contact our friendly staff today to learn more about our vacation rentals!