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Planning your vacation can be fun, exciting, and perhaps a little stressful. There are many things to take care of, including packing, reserving your luxury vacation rental, and scheduling activities. In addition to these details, you want to make sure that you’ve also taken care of some things around your home prior to your departure. In today’s post, we’ll cover some of the most important items to address so that you can feel better prepared and ready to enjoy your vacation!

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We know, we know, the last thing you want to think about before vacation is cleaning your home. Think about it this way, however, would you rather return to a clean home or a dirty home after your vacation? No matter how much fun and relaxation you may have enjoyed on your trip, you are probably going to feel very tired when you finally get back to your house. With that in mind, take some time to be kind to your future self by performing some basic cleaning tasks around the house. A few tasks that can be quickly accomplished include:

  • Scrub the toilets
  • Clean all sinks
  • Vacuum each room
  • Toss out any fruit on the counter

If you take care of these items before your vacation, then you will be able to relax upon your return home, and you won’t have to run around cleaning before you head back to work.

Clean Out the Fridge

While we’re on the topic of cleaning, take a few minutes to go through your refrigerator and freeze any items that might spoil before you return. If freezing is not an option, then be sure to get rid of these perishable items. Check with friends and family to see if any of them could take some of your food items so that they don’t go to waste. If you don’t take care of this task, then you’ll probably come home to a stinky refrigerator full of rotten food.

Empty the Trash Cans

Whether or not you need to clean out your refrigerator, you want to make sure to empty all of the trash cans before you leave. There’s nothing worse than coming home to a house that stinks because of all the trash that was marinating in your absence. Even if the trash is just paper items, you’ll feel better knowing that there are no temptations for bugs and pests to enter your home while you’re gone.

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Check the Laundry

If you tend to run loads of laundry throughout the week, then you’ll definitely want to be sure to double check that there are no wet clothes sitting in the washer before you leave for vacation. In the hustle of packing and cleaning, it can be very easy to forget about your load of wash, which would smell pretty awful by the time you get back. If you don’t have time to run your clothes through a cycle in the dryer, then be sure to spread them out on several flat surfaces so that they can air dry.

If you realize that some of the clothes you intended to pack are part of this last load of wash, then place them in a sealed plastic bag and bring them with you! One of the many benefits that come with a luxury vacation rental from Aloha Vacation Villas is access to your own washer and dryer. In fact, you can wash all of your clothes at the end of your trip so that you are able to return home with a suitcase full of clean laundry!

Set Your Thermostat

While the weather in Maui is almost always wonderful, you might be trying to escape a blast of winter weather or sweltering summer heat where you live. No matter what the temperature is outside, you want to make sure not to spend extra money cooling or heating your empty home. With that in mind, be sure to program your thermostat accordingly. In fact, if you have a smart thermostat, you can easily adjust it from your phone, which means that you’ll be able to walk into a perfectly cool or warm home upon your return.

Program Indoor and Outdoor Lights

One of the best ways to deter break-ins while you’re gone is to create the illusion that you are still home. Programming the lights both in and around your home can go a long way to achieving this goal. You can use analog outlet timers or smart bulbs. If you choose to use smart bulbs, then you’ll have the added convenience of controlling them remotely. In fact, you can go one step further by putting your smart home on vacation mode! This means that in addition to programming the lights, you can schedule the TV or a radio station to play for a few hours in the evening.

Ask Friends for Help

So far, all of the things we’ve talked about are items that you can take care of on your own. There are a few things, however, that you’ll want to ask friends to help with. Depending on the length of your stay in Kapalua Bay, you may want to ask them to gather your mail and newspaper every day. Even if your mailbox is part of a cluster mailbox unit, remember that these can hold only so much. If you don’t have a friend who can take care of your mail, then make sure to call the post office and ask them to suspend your mail for the duration of your vacation.

Don’t Post on Social Media

If you enjoy regularly updating your social media, then you need to pay special attention to this tip. Each time you post pictures, your location, or activity, you are also announcing that you are not home. While this is likely not a big deal when you’re still in the vicinity of your home, it can become a bigger issue when you’re on vacation. Depending on your privacy settings, you could be letting a lot of people know that no one is in your home for the next couple of weeks. Resist the urge to post anything about your trip until you have returned home to deter anyone from thinking about taking advantage.

At Aloha Vacation Villas in Kapalua Bay, we offer a wide variety of luxury vacation rentals that are sure to afford the relaxing environment you want to enjoy on your vacation. Contact us today to learn more about the amenities that you can find in different vacation rentals, and reserve the one you want today!

Planning for your vacation can be one of the most exciting things because you get to look forward to a period of unstructured living and a break from your daily responsibilities. Aloha Vacation Villas can increase your relaxation by providing the luxury vacation rentals you need to spread out and have plenty of private space. Continue reading to learn what items you should pack for your tropical vacation, and contact us today to reserve your vacation rental in Kapalua Bay.

Multiple Swimsuits

You may have one swimsuit that is your absolute favorite, which is great, but it might not be able to handle the demands of being used on a daily basis. There is nothing quite as uncomfortable as trying to put on a wet or even a damp swimsuit. If you are from a temperate or dry climate, you might think that you can simply hang up your bathing suit or swim trunks to dry overnight. With the high humidity of our tropical climate, that just isn’t going to happen.

Many of the luxury vacation rentals that we offer have washer and dryer units, but you want to be careful about sending your swimwear through the dryer too frequently as it can increase the rate of wear and tear on the material. We recommend that you pack at least two swimsuits so that you can alternate them through the duration of your visit to Kapalua Bay.


Whether or not you have been working on establishing a base tan before your Hawaiian vacation, you want to make sure that you purchase a quality sunscreen. The sun’s rays are closer, and therefore, more intense in the tropics. Don’t make the mistake of underestimating the amount of time that you can spend in the sun without risking sunburn by comparing your skin’s response to the sun in a non-tropical climate. Another thing to remember is that your sunscreen bottle should be no bigger than three ounces if you plan on packing it in a carry-on.

Light Jacket

You might be wondering why we would suggest a jacket since you’re traveling to one of the warmest regions on earth. The truth is that the temperatures can get quite cool in the evenings here on Maui. Additionally, if you’re planning an early morning hike in the mountains to watch the sunrise, or an exploration of a volcano on a guided trip, you will be glad that you followed our advice! Ideally, your light jacket can double as a rain poncho, otherwise, you should plan on packing a raincoat in addition to your light jacket. Hawaii can get quite a bit of rain during the winter.

Comfortable Footwear

Flip flops are arguably one of the most comfortable forms of footwear available, depending on the brand. If flip flops are your happy place, then make sure to pack a few so that you have different color and style options to choose from. If flip flops are not the ideal footwear for you, then be sure to choose shoes that are lightweight and comfortable.

When you think about which shoes to pack, consider this — if you can walk around all day without wishing you could take your shoes off, then those are the pairs to pack!

At Aloha Vacation Villas, we want your next trip to Kapalua Bay to be one of the best you’ve ever had! Call today to reserve the perfect luxury vacation rental for your needs and make sure to follow our packing tips.

Pineapples are one of the best fruits that grow on this planet. In fact, people have discovered numerous ways to enjoy this deliciously sweet fruit. From drinks and desserts to salads and main dishes, you will be amazed at the number of recipes that feature pineapples. If you’ve ever wondered about where pineapples originally came from, how they are farmed, and other interesting facts, then continue reading today’s post and contact Aloha Vacation Villas to learn about our luxury vacation rentals in Kapalua Bay.

Origins of the Pineapple

Believe it or not, historians believe that the pineapples origins are South American — the area between Brazil and Paraguay, to be precise. Later, they were imported to Europe and eventually appeared in Hawaii around 1813.

Pineapple Trivia

If you enjoy having interesting bits of information that you can share with others, then keep reading to learn some of the most interesting pineapple trivia!

  • Hummingbirds are the natural pollinators for pineapple
  • Wild pineapples that are pollinated by bats do the opposite of the majority of flowers by opening them at night and closing them at day
  • Two years is the average time for a pineapple plant to produce fruit
  • Each pineapple plant produces just one pineapple per year
  • Grow your own pineapple by planting the top of one in rich soil
  • You cannot use pineapple in jello — it won’t jell
  • Picked pineapples cannot continue to ripen and an unripe pineapple is not only disgusting, but also poisonous
  • The pineapple core is edible despite being tough
  • The Hawaiian word for pineapple is Hala kahiki

Pineapple Tours

Pineapple tours are a great way to see first-hand how they are grown, processed, and distributed. Depending on your interests, you can even book a tour with lunch, or learn how pineapples are being used in a number of different tropical drinks. Some pineapple plantations even offer zipline tours! Depending on your preference and experience, you can choose either an introductory zipline or a more extreme zipline course on that is longer, higher, and faster.

More Pineapple Trivia 

If you’re like us, then you were captivated by the previous list of pineapple trivia, and so we have some more interesting tidbits to share with you.

  • Pineapples are actually many berries that have grown together to form one fruit
  • Historically, they were useful on long boat trips to help prevent scurvy
  • Since pollination is required for seed formation, but seeds have a negative effect on the taste, pineapples are grown through vegetative reproduction, or cloning
  • You can trick pineapples into flowering using smoke, which is how the plants can produce more than one pineapple per year

At Aloha Vacation Villas in Kapalua Bay, we are passionate about Hawaii, including pineapple. We know that when you get ready to plan your vacation, you want to prepare for all of the fun activities and sights that our island has to offer. As you think about the things that will help you to fully relax, don’t forget the most important aspect — your luxury vacation rental! We offer a wide variety of options to provide you with the space and amenities you need to fully enjoy your time here on Maui. Be sure to call Aloha Vacation Villas today and reserve your luxury vacation rental in Kapalua Bay.

If you have recently had a baby, then congratulations are in order! You may be planning a family vacation to Maui and wondering how to make the most of it with your infant. If this sounds like you, then continue reading to learn what activities to plan so that everyone can fully enjoy their time on our beautiful island. At Aloha Vacation Villas in Kapalua Bay, we know that feeling at home while you’re on vacation is priceless, which is why we offer a wide variety of luxury vacation rentals. Continue reading to learn what to do on your Hawaiian vacation with your baby and contact Aloha Vacation Rentals to reserve your rental today.

Maui Ocean Center

The Maui Ocean Center is home to some of Maui’s unique and rare marine life. From humpback whales to sea turtles and more, you will be amazed at the marine animals and environments that exist nowhere else in the world. There are a variety of daily presentations for the whole family to enjoy including, Shallow Reef, Turtle Lagoon, Tide Pool, and more.

Old Lahaina Luau

Experience live demonstrations of native Hawaiian culture, featuring the hula, at a traditional luau and feast at the Old Lahaina Luau. Due to the popularity, make sure to schedule advance reservations as each show sells out quickly. You and your family can sit down, enjoy a delicious meal, and then experience the storytelling of the luau.  

‘Iao Valley State Monument

Take advantage of the wide variety of baby carriers and hiking packs for infants, and explore one of the most beautiful hiking spots on the island — ‘Iao Valley State Monument. In fact, you don’t even need to do “true” hiking to experience all that the park has to offer. There are plenty of easy paths that are suitable for walking for you to enjoy.

Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice

Not all Hawaiian shave ice is created equally as Ululani’s proves. They sell the best shave ice in the world, and you will have to experience it for yourself. With four locations, you won’t have to go very far from Kapalua Bay to find one and enjoy your favorite flavor, or try a new one!

Maui Baby Beaches 

Don’t let the name deceive you — these are not tiny beaches. Rather, these baby beaches are ideal for families with infants and toddlers as they are known for having soft sand, good weather, and an outer reef, which shelters the beach. While we hope you’ll explore as many of the beaches of Maui as you can, if you are traveling with an infant or young children, then you’ll want to visit Launiupoko Beach, Baby Beach Lahaina, or Baby Beach Paia. When your little ones are ready to take a break from the ocean, make sure to rent a beach shade cabana to shelter them from the sun and sand while they nap.

At Aloha Vacation Villas in Kapalua Bay, we believe that everyone should enjoy all that Maui has to offer, which is why we offer luxury vacation rentals. When you feel at home on the island, even if your stay is brief, you will more fully enjoy your daily excursions as you relax in the privacy of your rental each night. Call today and see all that we have to offer.