If you’re about to book your first trip to Hawaii, you are probably debating on either renting a condo during your stay, or reserving a room at a plush resort. There are many reasons that can influence your accommodation choices, but travelers who have visited Hawaii consistently comment on the flexibility and seclusion that condos offer guests. Throughout this article, we’ll discuss the many benefits of reserving a condo in Kapalua when compared to staying at a resort.

Aloha Vacation Villas is your all-inclusive resource for renting condos and Kapalua Bay villas for your next trip to Hawaii. We offer incredibly affordable rates on all our available vacation rentals, and work with customers to help them find the best rental possible to suit their individual needs. Read more below to find out why our condos are a much better choice when compared to booking a room at one of Hawaii’s many resorts.

Condo Rentals

One of the main benefits of staying in a luxurious condo in Hawaii is the level of privacy and comfort it offers guests. Resorts can often be overcrowded and noisy due to playful kids and countless parents. By staying at a condo, you can be sure that you’re experiencing the laidback lifestyle and environment that Hawaii is commonly known for. While condos may not have the complete list of amenities that resorts provide, they certainly provide the essentials such as a full kitchen, multiple bedrooms, a large dining area, and even a washer and dryer on occasion. You’ll love the flexibility and privacy that condos possess, and you can even save on your lodging accommodations with multiple guests. Since condos are generally larger than resort rooms, you can easily split the cost of living between multiple friends or family members so that you can have more to spend while exploring the island.

Resort Bookings

When compared to a condo, resorts are limited in what they can offer their guests. It is important to keep in mind that since most resorts don’t offer a full kitchen like condos, you’ll most likely spend more money eating at restaurants than you would preparing your own meals at a condo. Resorts essentially provide the basics to guests including a bed and a swimming area, while condos allow guests to sprawl out with living rooms, dining areas, and private patios. While resorts usually have a daily maid service, many travelers who rent condos don’t feel burdened by cleaning up after themselves. You’ll love the ample space and peaceful ambiance that condos have to offer, making your Hawaiian getaway both invigorating and refreshing.

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