Planning your vacation can be fun, exciting, and perhaps a little stressful. There are many things to take care of, including packing, reserving your luxury vacation rental, and scheduling activities. In addition to these details, you want to make sure that you’ve also taken care of some things around your home prior to your departure. In today’s post, we’ll cover some of the most important items to address so that you can feel better prepared and ready to enjoy your vacation!

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We know, we know, the last thing you want to think about before vacation is cleaning your home. Think about it this way, however, would you rather return to a clean home or a dirty home after your vacation? No matter how much fun and relaxation you may have enjoyed on your trip, you are probably going to feel very tired when you finally get back to your house. With that in mind, take some time to be kind to your future self by performing some basic cleaning tasks around the house. A few tasks that can be quickly accomplished include:

  • Scrub the toilets
  • Clean all sinks
  • Vacuum each room
  • Toss out any fruit on the counter

If you take care of these items before your vacation, then you will be able to relax upon your return home, and you won’t have to run around cleaning before you head back to work.

Clean Out the Fridge

While we’re on the topic of cleaning, take a few minutes to go through your refrigerator and freeze any items that might spoil before you return. If freezing is not an option, then be sure to get rid of these perishable items. Check with friends and family to see if any of them could take some of your food items so that they don’t go to waste. If you don’t take care of this task, then you’ll probably come home to a stinky refrigerator full of rotten food.

Empty the Trash Cans

Whether or not you need to clean out your refrigerator, you want to make sure to empty all of the trash cans before you leave. There’s nothing worse than coming home to a house that stinks because of all the trash that was marinating in your absence. Even if the trash is just paper items, you’ll feel better knowing that there are no temptations for bugs and pests to enter your home while you’re gone.

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Check the Laundry

If you tend to run loads of laundry throughout the week, then you’ll definitely want to be sure to double check that there are no wet clothes sitting in the washer before you leave for vacation. In the hustle of packing and cleaning, it can be very easy to forget about your load of wash, which would smell pretty awful by the time you get back. If you don’t have time to run your clothes through a cycle in the dryer, then be sure to spread them out on several flat surfaces so that they can air dry.

If you realize that some of the clothes you intended to pack are part of this last load of wash, then place them in a sealed plastic bag and bring them with you! One of the many benefits that come with a luxury vacation rental from Aloha Vacation Villas is access to your own washer and dryer. In fact, you can wash all of your clothes at the end of your trip so that you are able to return home with a suitcase full of clean laundry!

Set Your Thermostat

While the weather in Maui is almost always wonderful, you might be trying to escape a blast of winter weather or sweltering summer heat where you live. No matter what the temperature is outside, you want to make sure not to spend extra money cooling or heating your empty home. With that in mind, be sure to program your thermostat accordingly. In fact, if you have a smart thermostat, you can easily adjust it from your phone, which means that you’ll be able to walk into a perfectly cool or warm home upon your return.

Program Indoor and Outdoor Lights

One of the best ways to deter break-ins while you’re gone is to create the illusion that you are still home. Programming the lights both in and around your home can go a long way to achieving this goal. You can use analog outlet timers or smart bulbs. If you choose to use smart bulbs, then you’ll have the added convenience of controlling them remotely. In fact, you can go one step further by putting your smart home on vacation mode! This means that in addition to programming the lights, you can schedule the TV or a radio station to play for a few hours in the evening.

Ask Friends for Help

So far, all of the things we’ve talked about are items that you can take care of on your own. There are a few things, however, that you’ll want to ask friends to help with. Depending on the length of your stay in Kapalua Bay, you may want to ask them to gather your mail and newspaper every day. Even if your mailbox is part of a cluster mailbox unit, remember that these can hold only so much. If you don’t have a friend who can take care of your mail, then make sure to call the post office and ask them to suspend your mail for the duration of your vacation.

Don’t Post on Social Media

If you enjoy regularly updating your social media, then you need to pay special attention to this tip. Each time you post pictures, your location, or activity, you are also announcing that you are not home. While this is likely not a big deal when you’re still in the vicinity of your home, it can become a bigger issue when you’re on vacation. Depending on your privacy settings, you could be letting a lot of people know that no one is in your home for the next couple of weeks. Resist the urge to post anything about your trip until you have returned home to deter anyone from thinking about taking advantage.

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