In our last post, we began discussing the topic of space and how vacation rentals provide ample space for you and your family to more fully enjoy your vacation. We discussed living room space, bedroom and bathroom space, as well as cooking space. Space is a valuable commodity, especially when you are on vacation. Whether you choose to spend the day relaxing at the pool, playing a quick round of golf, or complete an all-day hike, you will appreciate coming “home” and stretching out. Let’s take a look at some of the other areas where Kapalua Bay Villas can offer your family the gift of space.

Play Space

Kids seem to know no limits in terms of an energy supply. Long after they have worn out the rest of their family members, they still have energy to spare. One great feature of a vacation rental is space to play. Kapalua Bay Villas boasts plenty of green space for running around and playing games. Reserve your vacation play space at Kapalua Bay Villas today.

Whether you’d prefer to swim in the ocean or relax in one of our pools, we have your water play covered. If you simply need to have a place for your kiddo to expend some more energy while you relax consider keeping an eye on them from the comfort of a lounge chair, poolside. They can swim and splash to their heart’s content as you watch them play.

Kapalua Bay Villas believes the patio should be an extension of the living area. Take time to enjoy your morning coffee on the balcony as you listen to the waves crashing against the beach. Indulge in an afternoon nap as you inhale healing salt water and feel the gentle breeze. Eat a meal with your family as you watch the awe-inspiring sunsets. Our patios extend your living space to the outdoors.

Multi-family Space

If you enjoy vacationing with extended family, a vacation rental with Kapalua Bay Villas can provide all of the space that everyone will need. One of the best aspects of vacationing with family is the ability to talk freely with one another throughout the day. While the kids are playing games in the living room, the adults can relax on the patio and have much-needed adult conversation time. Meal times turn into an enjoyable affair as everyone works together to prepare and cook the food. Washing dishes becomes even less of a chore when sharing good memories and laughter with family. Kapalua Bay Villas offer vacation rentals ranging in space from a one bed, one bath, up to a three bed, three bath condominium. Make the most of your Hawaiian vacation by inviting your extended family to join you at one of the many rentals we offer at Kapalua Bay Villas.

Laundry Space

Most of us don’t think about doing laundry when we’re on vacation. When the trip is over and we’re headed home, however, we would prefer to not have a suitcase filled with dirty laundry. Kapalua Bay Villas affords the opportunity to rent a vacation condo that includes laundry amenities. This offers two benefits for travelers. First of all, you will be able to do laundry just before you leave, which will provide you with a suitcase full of clean laundry. Second, you could choose to pack fewer clothes for your trip knowing that you will be able to wash them and wear them for a second time. Of course, this leads to a third benefit, which is filling all of that extra space with the gifts and mementos you purchased during your time here.

Contact Kapalua Vacation Villas today to reserve your vacation rental. Let our home offer the space you need to truly unwind. Aloha.